Resurgence-Triple Tail

Not so long ago it was a rare surprise to catch a triple tail. Due to management policies they are back to decent numbers again. Relatively easy to locate and catch, as well as being excellent table fare, proper management is critical to maintaining proper stocks of these fish. Noted for their namesake triple tail look, they are easy to identify. Some of these fish can get to 20 pounds, so keep the correct tackle prepared for a good fight. Check these specials.

Many anglers target these fish under crab trap buoys and any other floating debris. Attracted to the krill and bait fish under these floating items, you may see one to five fish depending on the size of the flotsam. A quiet approach is vital and good polorized glasses help identify the presence of fish.

The baits vary by angler, from plastic’s to live bait, slow presentation is key to make the bait look natural and appetizing to the fish. Favorite approaches are free lined shrimp reeled slowly past the buoy or debris.

These fish are great eating, fried, baked, blackened or your favorite recipe. White flakey meat to rival some of the best fish. Little or no bloodline makes great fillet’s for any method of cooking. Taste is also wonderful, most compare to grouper or cod for taste.

The next time you run out to your favorite fishing spot, keep an eye out for buoys and anything floating in the water. Keep a rod rigged for these fish with your choice of baits, slow down and try triple tail fishing for a good fish to fight and eat. Be sure to check regulations in your area, management is paramount to save all our fish!

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