Red Snapper Season

Go Snapper Time!!!

One of the most highly hunted game fish in the Gulf of Mexico is the Red Snapper, and truly – they are both delicious and Interesting to catch. Red Snappers are usually found in waters greater than 50 feet deep and you can also locate them by offshore rigs in the Gulf and the reef.

Interestingly, they can grow to large substantial sizes; they can weigh up to 50 pounds and grow up to 40 inches- Not an easy animal to bring out from those depths!!.

They are also pleasurable to catch, however, around the end of World War II to the mid-1990, this led to overfishing which was a result of an increase in commercial activities and improved access to fishing boats for recreational anglers.

In 2005, a fishery rebuilding plan was implemented with the main goal of building the red snapper population back up before 2032, – which has been effective by the way – This plan includes Specific fishing seasons and the catch limit. So to say, the red snapper season is the most restricted ( ironically sought after) of the species in the gulf

Dates Of Open Season.

The Gulf State has announced its 2022 Red Snapper season dates. If you have been anticipating this announcement, you are in for a treat.

Here is a quick view of the time to fish in both federal waters and state waters to make sure you have your fill of Red Snapper this  Season;-

– Federal Red Snapper Season 2022:- In the Gulf of Mexico, the red snapper season will run from June 1 until August 19.

-Alabama Red Snapper Season 2022:- This is every Friday, Saturday, Sunda, and Monday which will be starting May 27. Until the recreational quota is met, this season will run.

-Florida Red Snapper Season 2022. :- The red snapper season is going to run from June 17 to July 31. For three consecutive weeks, the season will reopen in October, starting with October 8 and then again by November for Thanksgiving and Veterans day.

Louisiana Red Snapper Season 2022:-  Season will also start here on May 27, but it will be during only weekends. Apart from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there are open seasons on Monday of memorial day, the fourth of July, and also labor day. The season will be closed for both state and federal waters, once the quota is met.

Mississippi Red Snapper Season 2022:- The season will run from May 27 to July 4 both in the federal and state waters.  The authorities will examine the possibility of extending the season when the annual catch target is not met after a mid-season closure.

Texas Red Snapper Season:- From June 1 state water remain open all year round.


As you just saw, the seasons for Red Snapper fishing vary by state. Private anglers and those fishing from authorized for-hire charters are subject to these seasons when using state waterways. The daily bag limit is two fish, each of which must be at least 16 inches long. Texas is the lone exception, where there is a four-fish restriction and a minimum length requirement of 15 inches.

The season will end once a state fulfills its quota. If the predicted quotas are not met, the state may decide to extend the season.

We have reached the official federal Red Snapper dates for 2022!  Between June 1 at 12:01 a.m. and August 19, fishermen will be permitted to fish in federal waters. This indicates that the Red Snapper federal season will last 79 days, 16 more than in 2021. Recreational anglers fishing from charter and head boats in the Gulf seas were subject to these dates.

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