Different Types of Saltwater Fish Species


There is various kind of species of saltwater fish that lives in our oceans, bay, and inlets which makes saltwater fishing trips among the most amazing type of fishing trips you can embark on.

Habitats Of Saltwater Fish

There is a major tip concerning saltwater fishing, they all majorly live in one of the following habitats.

-Demersal Fish:- TTheseis fishes that live near or on the bottom of the ocean. Two examples of these fishes are Flounder and Halibut.

-Reef Fish:- Popularly known, reef species either in close range or within the reef system. They include Gag grouper and Red Snapper.

Pelagic Fish:- This saltwater species lives in the pelagic zone of the ocean that is neither near the shore nor close to the bottom but is on a constant migratory route. They include tuna and Wahoo.

Different Kinds of Saltwater Fish  Species

Having known the different types of saltwater fish and the habitats they live in. Here are some of the most popular saltwater species you can fish for as a saltwater angler who is just beginning.


One of the most popular saltwater fish species on the west coast is King Salmon or otherwise called Chinook. The common appearance is a silvery fish with spotting on the back, top of the head, upper side, and all the fins. The best way to distinguish the chinook from other species is the color of the mouth and gums which js black. They are mostly found in the pacific and sometimes the arctic ocean.


They are otherwise known as the rockfish, they are a migratory species found along the east coast. They are identified easily by the prominent black stripes along the rows on both sides of its body. It has a larger head and is longer and sleeker than its similar-looking relative, the white bass. WHITE ROCK is the product of the cross-breeding between the striped and white bass. They can be easily distinguished – Striped Bass- through the regularity of stripes compared to the hybrid which are of broken stripes.


The Halibut which is the largest pacific flathead, are popular saltwater fish anglers love to catch while fishing. They are easily identified by their coloration which is uniformly dark brown or gray and white and sometimes features to the blind side. With the growing up to 470lb in weight, they can live up to a maximum year of 35- 45 years. Females are generally more than male and also tends to grow faster than males. They are commonly found in the cold waters of the North Pacific. They are indeed highly migratory.

4. BLUEFISH:- Found along the East coast, they are also migratory. They are the only member of the Family Pomatomidae. The teeth in the mouth of this saltwater species are extremely sharp. The obvious distinguishing sign from the similar-looking greater amberjack is the presence of a spine in the second dorsal fin, lack of interspace between the dorsal fins, and absence of head markings.  They are found almost worldwide including in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. This fish can easily inflict serious wounds or harm on unlucky fishers or swimmers.

5. MACKEREL: King mackerel are Pelagic fish and are very popular in the southeast U.S. their range of migration is mid Atlantic to Gulf of Mexico. Slender silver fish with very sharp teeth, they are very fast and powerful fish.


Before you plan to go on a saltwater fishing trip, it is essential to check your state fishing regulations to ensure you are versed on the bag limits, slot limits, and season for each type of species.

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