Artificial Bait Vs Live Bait for Saltwater Fishing


Before hitting the waters, every angler must decide whether to fish with live bait or artificial lures. There are numerous situations in which live bait excels and numerous situations in which artificial lures perform at least as well as live bait. Like most aspects of fishing, choosing the type of bait you use comes down to personal preference. If you’re not sure whether you like live bait or synthetic lures, don’t worry we are here for you.

For this article, we will be looking at the pros and cons of using both of these baits:-


Small fish are caught to serve as bait for luring larger predatory fish, especially game fish. Usually, species that are widespread and reproduce quickly are utilized because they are readily available and simple to catch.

Anchovies, halfbeaks, and scad are a few types of saltwater bait fish. Any fish from the sucker, topminnow, killifish, shad, sculpin, or sunfish families are considered freshwater bait fish, except black bass and crappie.

The majority of fishers concur that live bait is quite effective. Yet why? Carnivores make up the great bulk of game fish. They consume various fish. Because you’re giving the fish something they already consume naturally, live bait fishing is extremely effective. Compared to fishing with artificial lures, you don’t have to work as hard to get a fish to eat your live minnow.


– Fish devour one another:- The simplest method for getting a hook into a fish’s mouth is to smuggle it in with food. Additionally, by using the same baitfish present in the water where you are fishing, you may precisely “match the hatch.”

-Finish-attracting smell. When fishing in wide, open water or when you’re unsure of where the fish are, this is extremely useful. Fish will come to you if they can smell your live bait, which they can do from a great distance.

-Fish are constantly seeking a quick meal. Many man-made lures resemble injured baitfish. Why not use actual sick baitfish? This will seem like another good day.


-It can be costly :-, You’ll be frequenting your neighborhood bait shop unless you catch your live bait using cast nets. Depending on how frequently you fish, the cost of live bait can quickly mount.

-Messy. You must be comfortable with sticking a hook through a live fish, shrimp, or crab’s back or lips. Using live bait will undoubtedly result in you getting slime, blood, and maybe guts on your hands and clothing.

-As live baits have to keep alive, this is sometimes stressful and difficult o achieve.


Consider how fish feed when selecting lures or bait for use in saltwater. Fish can identify food in three different ways: smell, sound, and movement. Live bait is quite effective on its own, but artificial lures demand a lot more work from the angler. Artificial lure fishing requires a lot of technical skill and physical exertion, and there are other factors to take into account.

Some common types of artificial lures used in saltwater fishing are lead-headed jigs, metal jigs, popper’s, Plug fishing lures, spoon fishing lures, etc.


-Active and Engaging:-  In contrast to live bait fishing, an angler must manipulate a lure to get a fish to bite. A day on the water spent choosing the ideal lure and playing with a presentation can be quite thrilling. Fishing turns into an active game.

 -Simple and clean:- There is no risk of an artificial lure failing on you. You’re ready to go if you just grab your tackle box. Additionally, you won’t be drenched in blood or slime.

– It can create attention by triggering the territorial nature of fish thereby luring it to the hook. It


-It may be expensive as you have to try new brands of lure.

-You must have a pretty idea about where the fishes are located before you can use a lure…

-It can very challenging as you have to do various trials and errors before you choose what world for you.


It’s difficult to decide which method—fishing with live bait or artificial lures—is ideal, but a successful angler is also a  versatile angler. Bring along both live bait and synthetic lures if you are serious about catching some fish. Then, you’ll be prepared for whatever the circumstances demand.

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