Month: November 2022

Float or Sink

A cork can make a difference in you’re catch. Many types of fishing will be enhanced by lifting the bait off the bottom. Usually fish will suspend in the water column and fishing on bottom can miss the strike zone for these fish. Cork rigs can also play a pivotal role in exploring the area […]

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Soft Plastic

Soft plastic lures have become more and more popular as live or even frozen baits have become more expensive. The designs vary from mullet to shrim,p and every different bait you can find in nature. The materials used vary greatly as well. New polymer baits are offering more durability, more lifelike action and feel, to […]

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This unique fish is in it’s migratory phase now and can be found in many local waterways as it moves into more protected waters. These fish are a favorite of many anglers this time of year. Flounder are bottom fish as you may know, and baits vary from place to place. Live shrimp can be […]

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